Brave Ads Help If you Can read Old Member :)

Hi i was sorry to ask about i asked is ads available in Morocco i all time remember you speak all time cause i respect the Community of brave and its nice for me to know all i need is when i asked is Ads in Morocco available they Told Me ads is for a global rollout can i ask what does it mean A Global Rollout System what does mean a global Rollout system i never figuere i out ther is no translate for it what does it mean thanks to Brave Community and you All cause nowadays i didn’t post to many cause the respect of term of your condition thank you

@sixteen Morocco is not in current supported countries for Brave Ads. See FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?


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@eljuno what you mean about is not not in current does it mean if the future maybe ?

That’s correct – at this time, the available regions are:

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