Brave Ads for Beta Desktop not registering but VERIFIED!


I use Brave on Win 10 Desktop Beta and IOS iPhone & iPad.

The IOS devices are registering visits to Ads and adding BAT tokens.

But my Win 10 Desktop which is fully verified and connected to Upfront registers nothing been using it for 4 weeks i get 5 ads an hour and i still have zero BAT???

Any ideas on what is wrong please?

Version 1.2.23 Chromium: 79.0.3945.70 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)
I have 5 ADs an hour set nothing registering???

Hi @thorrrr - thanks for writing in! Can you send a screenshot of your viewed Ads transaction panel on desktop? Do they show up as viewed there?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Steeve
See image here

Any update from the image i sent you ?

Hi @thorrrr - did you receive a payout on the 5th?

Hi Steeven
Yes & No & Weird my desktop still shows zero no activity but 5.36 BAT was paid!!!
But on my iPad I have 21.7 BAT not paid yet wallet created 26/11/2019
Also, on my iPhone I have 23.3 BAT not paid yet wallet created 26/11/2019
So I have no idea how this is working all very confusing I have sync on all my devices.
When do my IOS devices get paid been using them for months


You should be able to claim your Rewards on your iOS devices already. Note that, at this time, there is no way for you to withdraw/transfer funds from your mobile wallet to your Uphold account – this functionality will come soon.

For Desktop, I’m slightly confused – are you saying that you were able to claim ad earnings? And if so, does your numbers of ads viewed count still show 0 in Rewards Settings --> Ads?

How do you claim in IOS?

You should see a notification on the Rewards icon in the address bar if you have BAT to claim.

This is showing correctly now and i got 5.35 BAT 5 days ago. So it must be fixed now

I get nothing it just shows up what I have earned from 26 Nov 2019 but it had never paid anything or allowed me to claim!

Also, where does it pay it too?
If you cannot connect it to your Upfront Wallet?

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re referring to when you say “it just shows up what I have earned”?

Accrued BAT is deposited into your browser wallet and will remain there until transfer functionality is implemented.

See here

Ok I think from what you saying it must be working. I thought it should go to my upfront wallet

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