Brave Ads Developer Channel Preview Feedback Thread


The purpose of this thread is to collect feedback, bugs, “love to have”, “need to have” items specifically related to the Brave Ads Developer Channel Preview.

Would love to see your feedback in this thread. Feedback posted here will be read and input for consideration for product updates, etc.

Info about the Brave Ads Developer Channel Preview:


Is there an ad feedback option in the dev build somewhere?
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Where do we see supported countries?

I am not getting any ads… South Africa.


Please can we have a negative response option for the popup ads? I.e. a downvote or “don’t show me this again” option. That will stop me having to see the same ad over and over that I won’t click on and make room for others. Sure there’s a possibility I didn’t see it or was too busy to click the first time, but if I give you a negative response it means I’d rather see something new than the same ad I’m not going to click on over and over.

I realize you probably have limited inventory at the moment so if there isn’t anything else to show me after I’ve clicked on or downvoted everything relevant you have that’s fine - I’ll take a breather from popups until you match something new for me to look at!

This will apply to other ad units in the future. I’m sure if you get to the point of using machine learning to match ads then negative responses will be valuable feedback for training.

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machine learning

yes also sport it! :slightly_smiling_face: