Brave Ads Destroyed My Site

My host is not being helpful at all. I keep getting told that there’s nobody in the place to help.

So I have a site, and I keep getting an error 404 message. Two weeks ago I added the Brave ads to my site. I want to get rid of it to see if this will help. It is a Wordpress site if that helps. I don’t know how to do that and I can’t find any documentation on how to do it.

Brave ads on your own website??

Did you opt-in into brave publisher ads? Brave publisher ads are currently not available. The whole thing is in pre-beta. Publisher can currently only opt-in into these ads, which will be displayed on their website quite later on.

Your domain seems to be with Epik, there seems to be two latest updates on 18th April, 19th April either done by you or by a malicious actor.

Are you hosting with EPik or with Your hostname logs on my end get hits to and some other stuff.


You meant that you just opted in the brave rewards program to get tip from your content viewers. Meaning you added some 3-4 line code into your Epik Cpanel TXT record*. If it is this way, then you currently only opted in the brave tipping program and not the brave publisher ads program.

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