Brave Ads became low the conversion to BAT?

Since this month of August the Brave ads is minimal. And I received too many Ads and I compute it into BAT it is too low the conversion. I always track the conversion of ads but now it was too low. I don’t know if this a new System of Brave or Bug?

It’s normal. Ad rate is vary and advertisers can chose from the available rate provided when they setting up their campaign.

One thing that never change is users will always get 70% of the revenue share (for users ads).

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We need to protect BAT value because there are lots of people abusing the system. I hope Brave is doing something about this because companies will not pay for something that does not return value.

Maybe is nice now to make some extra cash but abusing is not something that will help the future.

How did they abuse BAT? please elaborate or give an example.

VPN’s, multiple VM’s, triggering ads by manipulating the browser, Phone emulators, bot’s, clickers … should i continue? Just go and make a simple search and find out.

If we want to have this wonderful browser in the future, we need to get rid of this pathetic human beings that are always trying to steal and use the “easy” ways.

And to be honest i answered you just for the sake of discussion not because i need to elaborate.
BTW i am not working for Brave.


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Also, who is losing so much time just to get 1$ is lost already.
Those that cry about 1$ are lost already.

I admit that the dollars are trivial that I earned by clicking and viewing ads each month. I made about $4 to $6 each month before earnings dropped sharply in August.

But I liked going down my list each month to give small tips to a few dozen websites that I like. Some can probably benefit from the small tips if a few thousand people send them. Others, like a major newspaper, probably don’t even consider the dollar amount of these small tips to be even a rounding error. But I wanted to increase the head count of people leaving them BAT tips so that hopefully they start to think in terms of charging micro-payments for people reading each of their articles instead of insisting on an expensive subscription to see articles that are behind a pay wall. If widely adopted and if the publishers keep their microcharges reasonable, it might be a good deal for all concernted.

However, with the greatly reduced earnings in August it didn’t seem worth the trouble to go down my list and send the tips for that month. I hope that the earnings will pick up again so that I can do my part to continue to send tips to try to stimulate interest in this payment method among both publishers and advertisers.

Add’s still continuing to be minimal during the day time in Germany.

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