Brave ads and brave rewards

I’m seeing brave popup ads but it’s not showing up in my bat balance. how can I fix this problem?

Well, let’s start by you giving some information.

  1. What device are you using?
  2. What version of Brave?
  3. Are you using a VPN or Proxy server?
  4. If you go to brave://rewards and then click on 30-day Ads History, does it show ads there? If so, does it say Viewed, Clicked, Dismissed, or what do you see?
  5. If you go to brave://rewards-internals and then click on Ad Diagnostics what Locale does it show you in? (It will say something like EN-US or whatever language and region you’re in)
  6. Are you verified? If so, try to disconnect and reconnect. If you’ve been flagged, you should get a notice at that time to let us know.

I think this is related to the ecnomonical dificulties of this project. Payments has been held and sometime they vanish in this inconvenient truth. All this idea was bassed on a bublle of crypto currency. Look the value of BAT, it is near ZERO. The income of publicity brave get has fallen dramatically

  1. Computer
  2. 1.40.107 Chromium: 103.0.5060.53 (Resmi Derleme) (64 bit) Sürümü
  3. I was using vpn sometimes for my work
  4. The ads in the popup tab are not visible, only the ads that come as notifications are visible
  5. tr-TR
  6. i did this but it didn’t work

What didn’t work? Were you able to disconnect and then Verify/Log In again with no issues? Knowing what you see or happens here is kind of important.

Sorry, I should have been more specific. You using Windows I assume? If so, Windows 10 or 11?

This actually can be problematic depending. The reason being is Brave is seeing you’re in Turkey (I think that’s what tr-TR is). If your IP address shows you in a different region other than Turkey, then it won’t pay you for ads when they show. Also if this happens enough, your account can be flagged so you no longer receive ads and/or BAT because the system assumes you were trying to bypass restrictions which is a violation of Terms.

Ok, so you’re saying the notification ads are showing up in your History? If so, you should be seeing BAT increase. Also, what did it say next to it? For example:

You see ow mine says Viewed and shows ads I’ve seen? That’s what I’m asking if you see. It’s important to know if showing and if so, if showed Viewed Clicked or Dismissed because if it’s Dismissed it means something is intefering and you can’ t be paid for it.

@Saoiray As far as I know, Ad notifications can be dismissed by clicking on Close (perhaps ‘x’ as well) on the notifications itself and these Ads do reward. Too many dismissals may not show that Ad.

That may be, but in the past it was discovered people using Focus Assist or things like gaming devices where the driver was causing problems, it would often show Dismissed on the 30-day Ads thing and they’d not get BAT.

I’m wanting to say there was an official response, whether it be here on Brave Community or in FAQ somewhere, that also said the same thing. I’ll have to look through it all again here later to get clarification. Or perhaps have @Mattches advise when he gets back.

It’s 40.7 cents per BAT. I wouldn’t really say that is near ZERO.

If the price of gas in your area dopped 40.7 cents a gallon, would you say that the price difference was near ZERO?

Also, how much out of pocket money have you lost since the BAT value has dropped?

In my opinion, free is free and I never look a gift horse in the mouth.

I’m also having the same issues, i downloaded brave two days ago and have spent at least 24 hours on my computer, streaming, viewing, browsing, social media, etc where ive seen countless ads, but when i check the history, it says that ive only seen 7 ads this month but ive watched at least 100 ads since downloading. My BAT balance is .056 which covers what 5 ads maybe?

i am verified, i do not know how to disconnect and reconnect, i dont think ive been flagged either so can you elaborate with point 6 please

Brave only pays for ads that it shows you. Not ads that websites may show you.

yes i was able to login

i am using windows 11

What should I do if my account has been flagged? How to remove markup. i don’t use vpn/proxy again.

viewed and clicked, but the balance is not reflected.

Even though i see more ads it only shows 1-2. This only happens with popup tab ads.

Although I see this ad, it is not reflected in the balance. was reflected earlier.

You can use VPN but it needs to be for same region. If different region, causes confusion and problems.

I know it sounds like most everything else is fine. It’s possible you reached maximum amount of views for some ads, but it’s best to submit a Support Ticket just so Brave can look and make sure no issues. You can create a ticket by completing the form at

On a side note, when I mentioned possibility of you reaching ad cap, I don’t know if you’re aware of those limits. If you never noticed, might want to also check out Understanding Brave Ads Catalog Viewer as it will link to site to see what campaigns are in your area, which devices they show on, the maximum amount of times you can see, etc. If you notice low campaign amount and/or not many available for your region, that also can explain why lower amount of earnings. I’m only sharing this as extra thought just in case it might apply, otherwise it’s just extra information. Regardless, send a ticket and hope Brave can look soon.

I’m got no income BAT on JUNE. This is two moth without any reward paiment

Have you submitted a ticket like it was previously suggested?

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