Brave address/url bar doesnt show link?

Not sure how to explain this, but luckily I have pictures.

I type the letter g on google chromes address bar (the huge search bar at the top of our browser you know? lol) and I get a url

typing g
Results after pressing enter on g

Same thing above for brave except I didnt show me typing the letter g just what I got from results

Now I type the letter g on braves address bar and I get no url wth???

This is really annoying for lots of situations whre I want to copy the url but I end up just copying what i originally wrote. It even applies to the “images” section of google. So If i want to send my friend a picture of an image on google images, it will just copy “G”.

P.S this even happens when I use a search engine and not the address bar.

I think that is a feature to make the navigation bar seem more like a search bar.
For now you can right-click on the navigation bar and select “Show URL”.

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