Brave Adblocker Shields not working


I have visited multiple sites that bypass Brave shields and identify that I have an adblocker present.
Also many websites open pop up tabs which should technically be stopped by the brave websites.
For example:

Kindly helo me team.

Just playing this worked okay @trace12345

I just pulled it up on my Windows 10 running Version 1.41.96. When I clicked on the link they provided, which was it originally loads with no issues. However, once I clicked on the page a pop-up came.

Not only that, the damn thing opened up my dialog box where it was trying to install something on my computer.

Tried again and it came with

The list goes on…any clicking on the site.

That’s just on its home page. After clicking View Full Site it seemed to work better, but couple movies I navigated to had some pop-ups. And when clicking to play/pause, it would have a pop-up ever so often.

Adblock on default except I did have these filter lists chosen. definetly no jquery.

Test by adding the following into brave://adblock

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Just added, seems to be doing the trick for me.

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