Brave adblock doesn't work well on youtube

Description of the issue: when i turn on the adnlock of brave in youtube and try to reproduce a video, it only seems be on a white image, a few days ago (2 exactly) brave was executing correctly, i tryed to uninstal and install again brave, upload it, restart the coockies and etc

Steps to Reproduce 1.- i was doing homework up of my keyboard and the admin tools apear (Control + Mayus + I) and i just was trying to back pressing this button:

and the console is crazy now

Actual Result (


Expected result: It doesn’t be supossed to happened

Reproduces how often: all the time i turn on the adblocker

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):

Sistema operativo de 64 bits, procesador basado en x64

Additional Information: when i open the admin tools, i only press console, and the x to close, and maybe i do other thing but i had a really bad memory, sorry