Brave Ad rewards

So I’ve been using the brave browser and viewing the ads all month. By the end of the month I had built up just over 20 Bat tokens with over 400 ad views. But when I got paid I only got 16.2 and it was only given to me as a grant even though I earned them. Which means they expire. Why is it I didn’t get the full amount I earned and was it it only a grant that expires?ads

@beny333 Thanks for reaching out!. Please note the remaing grants 3.8 BAT has not expired, It is still with BAT system. It will be considered for next month payouts. Currently there is a bug, the remaining BAT to be paid out next month isn’t shown in the user interface, this will be fixed soon.


Also why is it paid in grant form. These aren’t free bat as I’ve looked at a ton of ads to get them.

I just saw this post which says the grant tag will be removed. ’ Update: Your BAT earnings will not expire. Expiration dates are simply a display bug and will also be removed with the upcoming hotfix.’

I installed the fix and it didn’t fix mine. Here’s a screenshot of my Brave Browser Bata-


And here’s a screenshot of my Brave Browser-

@beny333 That’s correct. Fix is already available in the current released version 0.63.55. You can see fixes for the below issues. - Grants expiry date removal for Ads - “uncashed in” payment receipts reflect

Please download the latest released version, revert back if the issue is not fixed.