Brave Ad payment

is payment is still going on??

I believe payments are completed as the banner at the top of the site states Uphold and Gemini payments are completed.

then why i didn’t receive mine, last month i recieve it this month i didn’t :cry::cry:

Try reaching out to @steeven and he will instruct you with instructions via DM

I’m from india and i use VPN selecting European country and didn’t get my BAT it is 6.7, i also dm steeven but he didn’t reply.

THAT is probably your problem. Using a VPN outside your country. Brave discourages doing this and thus can create problems. Not sure how to fix this, other than put your VPN back to your country but I believe something else needs to be done as well. Perhaps @fanboynz knows how to help.

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hope @fanboynz help…

is very likely you are not the only one, don’t be impatient

is vpn is the reason for not getting my BAT

There is people that do not use VPN and still didn´t receive BATs. Sometimes the system detects it and sometimes it doesn´t.

Don’t worry too much. From what I understand there has been an issue with payments this month, they are working to solve it.

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hope so, they will solve shortly

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