Brave Ad Notification

I would like to ask if we can have the option to Display the Ad notification to the top of the screen or just maybe have a feature in so you can drag the notification to anywhere, where it doesn’t block your view of anything on windows because I find it rather annoying that i have to close the Ad to reply to a message on my social media account. I also have a suggestion regarding the icon for said ‘Moving the notification’ to being a ( ‘┼’ ) or something of that sort. It would be appreciated.

While we do have plans to enhance and improve the ad delivery system, at this time it relies on the OS notification delivery system. If you want to change the way these appear, you will have to do them in System settings – there are no Brave settings that will alter the way these ads display at this time.

If i turn it off in the system settings, will it affect how it pays? Because I don’t mind the Ad showing up, it’s just annoying that it’s like right where i reply to messages.

You cannot turn it off if you wish to view (and subsequently earn) from ads. What I’m saying is that if your OS allows you to change where the notification appears, then you should use that option. There is no option built-into the browser that will allow you to do this.

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