Brave ad blocker prevents InstantPreview extension from working

So i have this extension called Instant Preview
What it does is if i hover my mouse on top of any google search results it opens it to the side, very very helpful

The issue is when I first tried it, it gave me a broken page icon (that document thing with the sad face) and said “it may have been moved, edited or deleted”

As soon as I turned off my brave at blocker it worked completely fine, is there any way to fix it without disabling my ad blocker on google? like I’m pretty sure brave detects it as some sort of cookie sender or something and blocks it for privacy reasons but how can I set an exception for it?

Testing it (with default sheilds), Not seeing any issues loading “test” via a google search. Any additional adblock subscriptions in brave://adblock being used?

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after some testing the issue is with “block cross-site cookies”
but how can i set exception for that extension since i don’t want to disable my cross-site cookies protection?

@fanboynz I’m really sorry but… i actually posted wrong extension accidently…
I meant instant preview not searchpreview
I’m really sorry for the confusion, I edited the post, here is the corrrect link in case:

I’m really sorry once again, i guess that’s what happens when programmers don’t get enough sleep time haha

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