Brave Ad Block does not stop web page redirection

While I applaud Brave Ad Blocker, I found that in one streaming website, so far, when click on a link I get redirected to other pages not the movie or tv show I selected.
Note that when I enable ublockorigin, there is no redirection, links open where intended.
Also I get push notifications on Brave Ad Block only and not with uBlockorigin enabled too.
Note: I have permanently disabled Push Notifications, from brave://flags

BTW Brave Ad Block seems to work fine together with uBlockorigin. No slow down noticeable.

After some investigation, it appear that the above issues pertain to only one Website.
If I recollect properly there was a time this particular website redirected on uBlockorigin too, though it never had the issue with push notifications.

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I have experienced the redirects on many websites too and it is very annoying


Try uBlockorigin in conjunction. With default setting for start, it should get rid of redirection and less chances of conflicts with Brave filters list.
At least until Brave devs works the issue out.

I have few extra lists on uBlock and tweaked a couple of settings. All seems smooth and no conflict nor noticeable page load slow down.

I will try this out. Thanks

You are welcome. Let me know how it goes.

Would you mind moving/posting this in the Web Compatibility category?


Not at all, if I knew how to do it. Can you or a moderator there do it for me. I would much appreciate that.
I’m finding hard to discern on which category to post my questions.
If it happen again kindly forgive an old codger.

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Never mind I think I worked it out.

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