Brave Account feature should be added to Brave Browser

Hello Everyone,
I am Romit and I have a suggestion of a feature that if added to Brave browser, can change its life. Like you know that today we can se many popular browsers like Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi etc. All these browsers have their accounts. Like Firefox has Firefox account, Edge has Microsoft account, Opera has Opera account and Vivaldi has Vivaldi account. So, similarly if Brave also had Brave account then we all will benefit a lot.

Suppose take a case. You are a Windows user and you were using Google Chrome browser, now after you saw the brilliant features of Brave browser, you decided to make a switch. Now you successfully made a switch and you imported all your passwords, bookmarks and other things well into Brave. Now you use Brave. Now when you Create a account in any website then the password which is saved, is saved to your Brave browser only. Now if you want to login in that website in your mobile device or any other device, then what, you aren’t able to. Because there is no sync between the passwords in Brave browser in different devices. Moreover, you don’t have any option to import passwords from any browser into Brave in mobile.

Now its my request to the dev team of Brave that is they add a feature of Brave account to Brave then we all the poeple will be benefitted a lot. Who are with me, please support this topic.

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