Brave account, Brave Ads Italy, Bug of BAT

Hello, I am pleased to use the browser but there are some things that I do not understand. First of all, distribution of tokens, I set up a browser on a tablet, a smartphone and a personal computer, I received 20 tokens on a tablet and 20 on a smartphone, nothing came to my computer and I don’t know if there is a function to transfer these 40 tokens to a PC for more extensive use. And you didn’t answer to my post Account Brave, buck up, lost my bookmarks if brave have an account for more improved, simplified use of the browser? My opinion is that if you have an account or something similar, the use will become much clearer and easier, calmer. Not enough simple sync. I think about the vulnerability of using the browser without any support, account, etc. Another question about brave earning, will it be possible in Italy to passively earn bat tokens (with ads)? Are your plans to give access to this? In conclusion I want to say that this is a great project and I am very glad to use it, but it needs to be more developed and viewed clearly. I hope for your understanding, thank you.

@Negore about the brave ads coming to italy there are plans for a global roll out and the issue of grant, there isn’t a public schedule of grant release date or devices they would be released to. So probably when you installed the brave browser grants were only available on mobile devices (android )

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Thanks for your response!:+1:

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