Brave 13.5 Crash and lost settings


I’m putting this in the developers category so that the developers know about it. I have just had Brave crash on me for the second time. I’ve been using Brave for about 6 months. When it crashes, it locks up my computer so that I have to hard reset. When the computer comes back up and I open Brave, all my settings are lost, and there is no history. It’s like a new install. This is very frustrating, as I use a lot of tabs to keep track of things. I will not be using Brave in the future, I’m going back to Chrome. I just wanted to let you know that this is happening, because it may lose you more users.




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My Brave sometimes completely hangs my computer for a couple minutes. Something finally frees up and I regain control. It’s happened 5 times in a week across different websites. Not sure how I can pinpoint it any further.


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