Brave 1.6.3 constant crashes while doing google images search


Whenever I check images on google and scroll through them brace crashes.

Additionally there is constant crashes on iPad while browsing and other phbb boards. Literally makes the browser unusable.

Deleted app and tried reinstalling, doesn’t help.


Hi @Randomkidx

What’s your iOS version? I tried on an iPad with iOS10 and I’m not able to reproduce the crashes you’re seeing.


cc @michal @kamil @sriram


Can’t reproduce it also.
Has it started appearing after the new 1.6.3 update and were there no crashes on earlier versions for you?


iPad is on iOS 10.3
On iPad I was experiencing crashes on older version as well

Phone is also on 10.3

I literally just opened images clicked an image and then scrolled to another image by swiping left and browser crashed.


Hi @Randomkidx,

I managed to reproduce the crash when swiping through images using Google’s image search and created

However, I can’t seem to reproduce the second crash when browsing It would be really helpful if you could isolate the exact steps you’re going through that causes the crash. Does it happen when navigating into a certain area etc…

Again, thanks for your help in narrowing these down!


Completely removed brave from iPad, waited few days to reinstall. Now every time I go to this link browser crashes:


Having the same exact issue. iPhone 6s, iOS 11.4.1…


Unfortunately I haven’t had any luck reproducing a crash while browsing through I did notice that the scrolling through threads is pretty janky and sometimes Brave becomes unresponsive for a few milliseconds before it starts scrolling again. I wonder if that’s leading to the crashes that @Randomkidx is having.

@mayafied, which website are you seeing the crashes on?


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