Brave 1.10.93 on MacOS 10.3.6 no longer closes

There is something disturbing in the ‘Brave-Browser’ folder located inside the ‘Library -> Application Support -> BraveSoftware’. If you put it on your desktop (don’t throw it away) Brave will no longer closes. You can recover the bookmarks file located in the folder ‘Brave-Browser -> Default’.
Of course you will have to adjust your preferences and settings again and also download the extensions again (Hoping that the problem isn’t caused by one of these).
I hope it can help you.

You shouldn’t be moving that folder anyway – that is where the OS is looking to read specific information relating to the browser.

If you move the folder the browser creates a new and functional one.

If I don’t move the folder Brave won’t work anymore …

You are saying that Brave doesn’t work work when it’s installed in the default directory? If so, can you tell me in more detail what exactly is happening?

I don’t know what the problem is. I know for sure that some files in the preferences folder crash the browser. If I remove the ‘Brave-Browser’ folder Brave creates a new one and it works. There are no more preferences, bookmarks and extensions.
In that folder there are hundreds if not thousands of files …

The folder to move is: Library -> Application Support -> BraveSoftware -> Brave-Browser

The problem is inside the ‘Brave-Browser’ folder. (I think this is the preferences folder of Brave)

I never said that Brave doesn’t work when it’s installed in the default directory.

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