Brave 0.70.80 crashing after 2 minutes

If there are specific logs, or actions we can take, feel free to allow them to contact us directly.

If you’d like, you can enable crash reporting in the browser, which will automatically send crash reports to our dev team. Settings --> Additional --> Privacy/Security --> Automatically send...

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It’s already enabled, but I periodically go into brave://crashes and have to send them off. Not sure why they aren’t sending automatically.

I’m actually not using Brave Dev for now as it continues to crash.

If I remove this instance from the Sync chain and later add it back, will all the bookmarks merge properly? or will I end up with duplicates?

Having the same issue on 0.68.139

This appears to be working in
Version 0.71.74 Chromium: 77.0.3865.75 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)

Bookmarks appear to have synced oddly, so I wonder if one of the devices in the chain was inserting an odd entry which was causing the crash, but that has been rectified by another device updating?

I spoke too soon. It appears that it wasn’t working on one of my desktop PCs. That PC had been off for the last few days, and may be why the other instances weren’t crashing on another laptop. It may even be that it was because that laptop was the only open instance of Brave Dev in the sync chain that was open. I’ve removed this desktop machine from the sync chain, and I’m about to re-add to see what happens…

After 2 minutes of being back in the sync chain, the Brave Dev instance crashed again. There’s definitely something funky happening with the sync chain.

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I haven’t rejoined the sync chain again; does anyone know what’s causing this and how to get resolve? @Mattches

We’re very well aware of the Sync chain issues – our devs are already hard at work finding a solution and hope to have it resolved soon.

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Ah, my bad. Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

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No worries – hope to have more info on this soon, appreciate your patience.

Is there a good place to follow for updates in this space?

@Mattches: is this the issue that was being slated to fix the issue? and does it mean that it has been resolved now as the issue has been closed?

Yes, that is correct.
Are you still experiencing crashes at the same rate?

Yeap there is definitely no longer any crashes; although I don’t seem to have much confidence that sync is running regularly, although it did initially duplicate all my bookmarks.