Brave 0.23.39 crashes on start on MacOS 10.9.5


The title says almost all.
Here a gist: with the content of the crash dialog.
Sorry to be so terse, but it’s the first time I try Brave.


Hi @cbertelli,

Sadly, it’s a known issue for Mac 10…9.5 with newer version of Brave since a few versions back. You can read more about this on this thread “Brave quit unexpectedly” in MAC OS Maverick.

Thank you and I’m sorry this is happened to you,


Hi @cbertelli

We’re currently moving toward the rewrite of Brave which includes using Chromium’s native UI. We’ve started putting builds out there for users to take a look at the re-write, which you can find here:

You’re welcome to try out the re-write now if you’d like and play around with it a bit - see if you have the same issue. However, there are some things to be aware of:
• it’s still very early and many features are missing (Tor, Sync, functional Brave Payments just to name a few)
• it crashes, more often than we’d all like right now
• some sites have issues with web compatibility
• these are not official dev channel builds however they will be automatically updated as new versions are released

There’s more, but that’s the big stuff that I can think of at the moment. It’s very much “use at your own risk” right now and not really suited to be a daily driver, but it will give you a peek into what’s coming. You may also enjoy this reddit post from our CTO:

If you do decide to try our new version out, please let us know if you find any issues in a new thread, you can write one up here: