Brave 0.15.314 Google Maps Freaks Out on Mac OS 10.10.5 [video]



Love Brave. Appreciate y’all. Google maps freaks out making it unusable in this browser. I was hoping this would be fixed in this update. I’m wondering if there is some other compatibility problem I’m missing.

See linked video:



Hi, could we get some information as stated in the guidelines? :slight_smile:

Also it is very apreciated to get a video showing the issue, props for that :thumbsup:
Could not reproduce on windows 10 :wink:


All of the information stated in the guidelines is in the title of the topic, or in the video:
Brave O.15.314
Mac OS 10.10.5

All security selections and the step by step are represented in the video.



Hi, could you try if it works better in the new version of brave? 0.17.13


New Brave; same result. :frowning: bummer.

I wonder if other Mac users can replicate the problem or if there is something peculiar to my monitoring setup or something that bugs it out?



There strange thing is that it works for me in both MacOS and in Windows, could you try if it works after following the steps here? :slightly_smiling_face:


It has happened to me today with the August 13, 2017 version from the website so…


Did you follow the steps above?

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