Brave for Windows 7+ / 10 x64 hangs about 1/3 thru install


Same results in both Win 7 x64 (enterprise) and Win10 x64 (education). What’s odd is, when I killed them both from task manager each time, afterwards, I could still launch them. Does that mean I managed to install the whole thing, despite the installer not finishing?

fyi and thanks, Bravesters. I know the stuff is still in development. : )


Hi @nicok. Are you able to use browser without any issues after launching it?


It seems ok? but both times the installer only got maybe 1/3 of the way
through (or at least, that’s where the installer progress bar halted). Then
had to ‘end task’, yet as I mentioned, the program shortcut was created and
I could launch it and use it.

Don’t see an uninstaller anywhere in Programs & Features though.

Thanks much!

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