Brav is a thieft?

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so where is my money? are you a thieft brave?> my money must be 207.5 USD but i receive only (after 2 waiting weeks that says payment on progress) only 5.26 Euro!!! so i ask again WHERE IS MY MONEY??? THE PHOTO OF LOG IS FROM SEPTEMBER!!! SO MY MONEY ARE LOST OR WHAT???



Hi @dimension

It can’t be 207.5 USD, it could be only 207.5 BAT so +/- 37 EUR :slight_smile:

According to your screenshot, you have 2 confirmed since you’ve created your account. Most of your referrals comes from group 3 (paid 5.00 USD / per referral confirmed). The October referral will be pay in november.

Earlier, you’ve received the referral for september (5.26 EUR).

Hope it’s help.

PS: Brave is not the thieft here but companies like Google /Facebook because they don’t pay you for watching their ads :wink:


So why we have the download and install panel if we don’t get nothing??? And if it was only 2 confirmed why I don’t get 10€ and I get only 5.26€??? For me this is a thief!!! A lot of numbers on panels and the user earn maybe4-5% of all numbers that brave show!!!

Please, carefuly my previous answer :slight_smile:

What you see in your panel is the current stat for october.
The data below the graph are your overall stats.
You’ve received 5.26 EUR in October for your September referrals.

Hope it’s more clear now :slight_smile:


The screenshot I send it was from September…so on this month it missing 4$ more or less…but the confirmed is not real…i use my code on 4 smartphones that I personally use and on 6pc that I’m 100% sure that it’s used every day…so I’m 100% sure that brave is just 1% real that google-instangram or Facebook…brave is not 100% honest that is for sure …however I will delete my account and stop using this browser since is not honest/fair with his users …ty for replaying to my report ticket

You should wait for a reply from a team member support.


So far as I can see most of your referrals were downloaded and installed in September and then if the installs use the browser over the next 30 days (which takes you to October) then the payments are confirmed, meaning payments for the September installs should process in November and the small amount you received was probably for the install in August.


this is a big fake system…a lot of tabs with a lot of numbers and you earn 5usd loooooooooool…+that is a fake system because i have 6 devices conected with my invitatin code (and 3 of them i use personaly) but no reward earned…so for my opinion all this is fake!!!

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In my opinion, you should have a look at Brave rules but I’m pretty sure you can’t referre yourself…

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