Branding/Design issue: Brave://new-tab-page/ still redirects to the Google New Tab page

Found an unresolved branding/redesign issue in Brave :smiley:

The internal link Brave://new-tab-page/ shows the Chromium new tab page instead of the Brave variant


Enter Brave://new-tab-page/
inside the browser


Chromium internal new tab page with Google logo is appearing

Expected Result:

Brave new tab page should appear

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Good catch โ€” I see that youโ€™ve also opened an issue for this on Github already. Iโ€™ve pinged a couple people internally and tagged someone in the issue to take a look.

Thanks again for reporting.

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@Mattches So far sadly no answer regarding this issue on Github, perhaps you can ping devs more directly about that :slight_smile:

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I already did โ€” weโ€™re not particularly worried about it at this time, as you have to type the exact link in, which 99% of users are not doing, but we will be removing it moving forward.

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Great to hear, thanks for the response :slight_smile:

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