Bought Brave on iTunes it won’t install

Please help. Thank you.

The wheel just twirls and twirls infinitely with no result.

this is free application. why did you bought it first?

The VPN and Firewall are not free.

Then why you mentioned bought brave from itunes ??

If you aren’t able to use VPN then you should contact customer support of itunes or VPN you bought.

You are rude. Use complete sentences when communicating to your customers. Have some manners. Revolting customer support.

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Haha, you are mistaken me :sleepy:

You are having issue with vpn you bought from iTunes and you raised a post here like

**bought brave from iTunes? **

What one should understands from it. Tell me :roll_eyes:

Learn to speak and write English. There are online dictionaries you know. Do not contact me again you revolting microbe.

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Thanks for the suggestion BTW :blush::blush:

Hey @FunnyRabbit, Welcome to Brave Community!

@Rohit552 was just trying to help.

It would be better if you elaborate more regarding your question.

If you have issue regarding VPN then this thread could help :-


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