Bottom of browser showing images downloaded

What is this bar at the bottom showing images I download? It has a button for “Show All” or an “X” to exit. How do I turn off this annoying thing?

@Ande feel free to provide more info about your issue. Thanks

I don’t know any other way to describe it. Here is a screen capture. The annoying pop-up bar at the bottom is circled in red.

Ah, thanks for the screenshot. That’s download bar (same like Chrome; in Firefox it’s appears as download icon at toolbar).

AFAIK, there’s no option to disable it. Maybe @Mattches @sriram have more information about that.

@eljuno is correct – that’s the download bar that shows the progress/files that you are/have recently downloaded. While there’s no way to disable the bar from appearing, you can close the bar by clicking the “x” to exit.

This is standard across most modern web browsers. Apologies for any inconvenience.

There is no way to disable that. Its a standard browser feature. We may change it in future but its not currently on our road plan.

Thanks. Guess I’ll go back to Firefox. It’s really getting to be sad that more and more options are being forced on the users. I would love to be able to disable this annoying bar. I downloaded Brave because Chrome had this thing happening too. Hoping it would not be there on Brave.

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