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Brave 1.18.75 on Lenovo M8 is not showing the bottom bar when enabled, and when disabled I get no home button or other controls on top. I have have this same version of Brave on my Galaxy Tab S2 and it’s working fine there, so it’s either this tablet or the newer version of Android (v10 vs v7 on the S2).

Isn’t Brave have different UI for tablet version? E.g. tab bar on top like desktop version. And bottom bar only for smartphone version?

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On my Tab S2 with Android 7 it looks like the desktop version with the tabs on top and the home/back/forward/reload buttons to the left of the address. On the M8 there are no tabs on top and no controls to the left of the address. Same version of Brave. I just noticed that the bottom bar does appear on the M8 when in portrait, but not in landscape. My preferred reading mode is desktop site in landscape. Not really workable without a home or back button. Desktop site in portrait is not really workable on an 8" 16x10 tablet either. The M8 is going to have to go back. Too bad.

On your M8, do you have the browser set to display in Desktop view?

Yes, Site Settings - Desktop mode is set to Prefer desktop versions of sites.

Thanks for confirming. Can you also share a screenshot of how it appears on your end (on the tablet)?

Sorry about the quality, taking a picture of a tablet with a phone is not the best.

Oh I see – so it looks like the OS bottom ribbon is overlaying the browser. Hmmm that’s strange – we had this issue on Android devices a long long long time ago but I haven’t seen anything like it in some time.

I’ve reached out to Android team for more information about this. Out of curiosity, enabling/disabling Desktop view does not have an effect on this?

Correct, enabling/disabling desktop view has no impact on how the toolbars are displayed.

Ideally it would be nice to have the controls next to the address in landscape since there’s plenty of horizontal space available and there’s a shortage of vertical space.

Here’s how it appears on the Galaxy Tab S2. It helps that this is a 4x3 tablet.

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If you go to Settings --> Appearance --> Enable bottom toolbar and toggle this option “off” you should see the controls move to the top – I’m also curious if this fixes (or works around) the original issue?

The controls do not move to the top, they just disappear. See pics above.

Apologies – that’s my bad. I’m in contact with Android team about this issue.

Thank you for your patience.

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