Both $5 for Referring Publishers/Creators, is it right?

If I introduce others to become a Publishers/Creators, is there any reward for it? Is it true that I will receive $5 of BAT and my referrals (already became Publishers/Creators) will also receive $5 of BAT?

Thank you

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Hi @trungngo - here are the latest referral system metrics -

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Thx Steeven,
I understand the policy in your link for referring Brave users.
What I need to confirm from you is the policy when introducing Publisher.

Does Brave have a different policy than your link above that I don’t know yet?

I asked this because I heard that the bonus policy for Publisher A introduced Publissher B, $ 5 for both.

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Hi, you dont get paid if you bring another publisher to the system, you only get paid for referred and confirmed user of Brave browser in 1 - 7.5 USD range.


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