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I tried Brave browser but when accessing my bookmarks from Bookmarks on the File Menu, the list would not scroll down further when I reached the bottom if the list. I was able to access only the bookmarks showing when the list first appears, none below that as the list wouldn’t scroll down. Can anyone tell me what the problem might be? Thank you very much.



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My stats are:

Brave, latest version

Operating system: Windows 7 Professional

Step by step to repeat the issue: When Brave opens up, no matter what the website, my bookmarks are not scrollable, the list is frozen.

Sorry but I don’t understand what Shields means and whether it is best to turn on or off.

Also, I notice I can’t right-click and delete a bookmark, re-name it - there’s no right-click options. These are basic functionalities one needs, right? Maybe Brave is intended to bare bare-bones? Just curious.

Thank you for any responses.



@Trainor I noticed the same issue last August and reported it. It was my understanding this was a known issue back then and would be fixed. You can read the exchanges I had with the community here:

Good luck.




Thank you very much, Tom47! I figured that was the issue, that unscrollable bookmarks must be a known problem that will be fixed in a future release.

I like reading the articles on, and Brave has been a great help there - ZeroHedge is loaded with ads, but with uBlock and AdBlock the ads are dismissed but Firefox then freezes up when I am thumbing comments up or down, but no freezing up while thumbing with Brave and the ads are still held in check.

Thank you again, glad to know where things stand. I do appreciate Brave nonetheless.



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