Bookmarks won't scroll all the way down in a folder


Brave 0.18.14
Windows 10 Pro x64 v. 1703


Hi @JamesRay

Thanks for the gif, it’s helpful. It looks like you have a lot of bookmarks, how many would you estimate you have? We do have some known performance issues with a large number of bookmarks and I’m wondering if this could be related to that.



Hi @LaurenWags

I have 45 bookmarks. I had a bookmark folder at the bottom which had been accidentally moved there from before, so I moved it out, but the same issue occurred.

Additionally, it appears that when the window is maximised to the full screen, when I scroll to the bottom of the folder, the last option visible is only partially visible, while when the window is restored down, that option is no longer visible, showing the bookmark before it.

Then, when I go to the bookmark manager to the same folder with the issue, the full list shows, and I can confirm that only the last option in the list doesn’t show in restore down view, while it only partially shows in maximize view.

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