Bookmarks wiped


Been using Brave for about two weeks now, and suddenly, after system reboots, the browser completely resets to new. Nothing is saved.

I am on an older PC that’s subject to unexpected reboots, but this wasn’t an issue when I first loaded Brave. Fortunately I only have a handful of bookmarks, but it’s still a pain to reinstate them. What’s going on?


@njt64 I have experienced this issue as well, a few times, and it sucks. Really sorry you have had to endure this.

This issue has occurred for Windows users, and has been particularly difficult to reproduce. The team has applied some fixes, but is continuing to address as a high priority.

We have an issue open for this on GitHub. I am going to add your report to it, and will share the link here so you can track progress as the team continues to work toward resolving.

In the meantime, could you please open your browser, enter about: brave in the URL bar, and copy the about Brave info into a reply on this thread. The info will help the team with reproducing the issue.

Again, sincere apologies that you had to deal with this. I am not sure if you also have either an Android or an iOS device, but our Sync feature is now available for iOS and Desktop (Android is just around the corner). The Sync feature will sync your bookmarks across both devices, which can help between now and when this issue becomes fully resolved. I know it isn’t the same as not having to deal with it to begin with, but may help avoid some pain in case this happens again.



I’ve updated the GitHub issue we have open for this with your report.

You can track progress for the issue here:

When you’re able to pass me your about:brave info, I can add it to the issue as well.


Appreciate your detailed reply. I have my own issues with iOS, but I don’t really Internet much on my phone anyway. Totally a desktop thing with me.

You can add about:brave to the expanding list of things I can’t do. Page just hangs, and nothing loads. I have had some Internet connectivity issues as well – and spent about an hour on the phone looking into that – but everything else seems to be accessible at the moment. So I’m not sure if that’s on Brave or Time-Warner.

It’s been an annoying day.


I think the about page thing is indeed another bug, but being updated in the next release. Can you try refreshing the about: brave page when you get a chance? That’s what I was able to do to get it to show up (took one refresh if I recall correctly).

Totally hear you on the phone stuff. Everyone is at a different comfort level with the web these days, especially across devices. Wanted to throw the note out there just in case you were using mobile often and wanted a workaround.


I’ve tried it several times, waiting more than a minute. About will not load.
In an effort to keep my old number when I switched to an iPhone, I had to replace the original SIM card. There isn’t a thing I can download to it now, even if I wanted to… – NJT


Cool, thanks for trying and letting us know. I have let our team know that we both were ​experiencing different variations of this, and they’re going to investigate.

With the Windows/bookmark issue captured and added to the issue in GitHub, I am going to close this thread. Feel free to respond back here or in GitHub though if this happens again.

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