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I love Brave so far! Thanks! Two suggestions:

  1. The placement of the bookmarks toolbar. It’s taking up a whole row. Maybe it could go to the right or left of the URL bar. I love the ‘Favicons only’ option. You could fit a lot of Favicons and Bookmark folders with short names there.

  2. The option to load two or more home pages on startup. I like to have my email in the first tab, and my search engine in the next tab.

  3. Third suggestion yolo. Do you guys have the skills and contacts to make a youtube alternative that is every bit as good, if not better? Google have gone to the dark side…



Hi @mcor,

For #1, do you mean you want to set it to Favicon only (you can done it via Preferences>General>Bookmarks Bar)? Or make the bookmark bar next to URL bar?

For #2, you can set your Brave to start with Home page under about:preferences#general and set multiple home page as described here:

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#1 - Make the bookmark bar next to the URL bar. To the left or right, I don’t know. So it would free up a row.

Also, regarding the tabs. I don’t find them particularly intuitive. It is often hard to determine which tab is open. And it looks a little cold and robotic maybe? And the text is a tiny bit blurred, compared to Chrome (which I am trying to avoid).

Edit: OK so Brave has the same number of rows as Chrome and Firefox. I guess it’s the large grey areas that make you think a new row just for the bookmarks is unnecessary.

Also, I like moving my mouse to the very top of the screen and hitting the top limit, which makes clicking on a tab easier. Both Firefox and Chrome have tabs at the very top, so I don’t think there’s a monopoly on that design.

Edit 2: Microsoft Edge also uses that design.

#2 - OK thank you.


Also have the Brave window start maximised.


cc: @suguru for #1, is this do able? (re: costumize URL and bookmark bar) Maybe I missed the existing issue.

This one is about tabs on top. I added your comment as +1 and you can track it here:

It’s a known issue and logged here:

Temporary workaroud is right-clicking Brave shortcut > Properties > and set to maximized.
Hope this can help until there’s a fix.


OK thank you.

Combining my above thoughts. Chrome, Firefox and Edge all use three rows at the top; one for tabs, one for URL bar, and one for bookmarks bar. Brave too uses three - but with the excellent shortened URL bar, you could put the URL bar and bookmarks on the same row. Tabs at the top, and redesigned to be intuitive, smooth looking (not robotic) and clear which tab is the current tab. Take a look at the overlapping tabs in Chrome and Firefox. Also, the inconsistent tab colours and tab text colour when selected aren’t intuitive.

Thank you for the engagement with the users :slight_smile:


Hi @mcor,

Thanks for the explanation. :wink:
I open a new issue for your suggestion here:

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@eljuno I think he is talking about something like this, not vertical bookmarks.
It would indeed free a whole row and look slick

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