Bookmarks Toolbar keyboard short-cut


Good afternoon,

I like to hide the Bookmarks Toolbar to maximize the real-estate for pages I’m visiting. And also because I use the links regularly but not frequently.

When I need one of my the links though it would be nice if I could pop-up the Toolbar with a keyboard short-cut rather than having to mouse of to the menu and drill down to it.

In Google Chrome the short-cut is Ctrl + Shift + b. There doesn’t seem to be anything assigned to that key combination in Brave.




I would like to second this motion. This is a fantastic way to manage bookmarks.


I came here for this. It’s a little weird that there isn’t a keyboard shortcut for the bookmark toolbar. I like a clean look and would prefer not to see the toolbar all the time, but it’s always been helpful for me in other browsers to quickly toggle the toolbar on and off.

Alternatively, it could be nice to see the bookmark toolbar on a new tab dashboard page.


@schultzter @sHendricks @benjangles if not changed, Ctrl+Shift+B will be added in 0.23.x release. Thanks for your request. :slight_smile:

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