Bookmarks Toolbar icons missing after latest update



Windows 10 , Brave 0.18.29

After the most recent update, my bookmark icons have either disappeared or just show a blank paper icon. If I hover over the blank area where the icons used to be OR on the icons showing as a blank paper, I can still click on them and it will take me to the sites.


Hi @Richard

Could you please try opening a new tab and going to about:preferences and under General you will have a ‘Bookmarks Bar’ setting, where I’m thinking it is set to Favicons only. Could you try toggling that to something different and back to Favicons only? Not sure if this will resolve the issue but it’s worth a shot.



Hi @LaurenWags, yes that did the trick! Thanks so much for your help.


Thanks for confirming @Richard! I’m going to close this thread, however if you encounter any other issues or have questions/feature requests please continue to reach out.


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