Bookmarks to arrange manualy, start page improvementd


Brave has become my browser of choice. While Brave for Android follows the Chromium design, I would love it to follow the Opera mobile browsers in two respects:

Bookmarks could be arranged manually - they might be displayed alphabetically by default but users could change that order by swiping bookmarks to different positions,

Start page - IMHO Brave would become much more comfortable with the speed dial feature since manual navigation to bookmarks takes quite a few clicks. Besides, the counters shown under the search bar do not look extremely good. Their location calls for symmetry at least, as the left margin is wider than the right one. However, IMO you could consider a different array of those counters. In many languages (like mine) words are (much) longer than in English and the descriptions of the counters badly squeeze into the space you assigned them. Perhaps they could be placed one above another? Or even moved to the menu displayed by tapping the lion’s head?

Thank you for reading. Many more thanks for your work on your amazing browser.


I enclose a screenshot to demonstrate how badly, unfortunately, the startpage counters look like in the Polish version. Their English version is a lot neater…


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