Bookmarks: The Untold Story


I am a new user of Brave. Am I missing something about the Bookmarks function? As far as I can see:

  • Bookmarks can’t be sorted by name, either folders or bookmarks within folders.

  • Since bookmarks can’t be automatically alphabetized, I have been trying to drag-and-drop them into the order I want, but this is almost impossible.

  • No matter where I want to put a bookmark, the dialogue box makes it look like I’m putting it in the Bookmarks Toolbar.

  • I have a folder called “Other Bookmarks” which I imported from Chrome, which is present when you click “Bookmarks…” in the drop-down menu, but the drop-down menu itself does not show them. To get to those bookmarks, must I really open a new “Bookmarks” tab/page in the browser every time?

Am I completely missing where these functions are located, or are they really just not there? Having a useful and easy-to-use bookmark functionality is something that (most) other browsers achieved a long time ago. The absence of same is one of the major drawbacks of Midori and Qupzilla, and also, apparently, Brave. Please advise.


I’ve run into a few of these issues, too; thanks for documenting them.


Good write-up.

Bookmark management and tab manipulation, by my experience and the most frequent comments in this forum, seem to be the two biggest pain points for regular users.

Some attention to these two functional areas would deliver a significant improvement in the Brave user experience.

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