Bookmarks that automatically open in a private or session tab


I’ve been thinking about all the ways companies track me, and I think it’d be nice to edit bookmarks so they result in opening a new session or private tab.

While I don’t have an endless stream of payment accounts (although I heard of Masked Cards), it would be a convenience and the world does creep me out.



Hi @frowntiger,

Brave will remember from which session is that bookmarks created. Mean, if you create bookmarks from session 1, then open that bookmark via right-click > Open in new tab or Ctrl+Click will open it on that session.

And you can also open bookmarks in private tab by right-clicking > Open in new private tab. :slight_smile:

Also an issue logged to give option to change the bookmarks session here

Is this what you request for?



Helpful, I’ll do that now that I know it is a feature. Maybe at least make it a read-only option so I know about it.

Ehhh, you know what I mean.


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