Bookmarks tagging


Firefox’s bookmark manager has supported both folders and tags for years, and I find that to be the best and most versatile approach. Using folders as the only way of organizing bookmarks seems primitive in comparison.
I really find it odd that chromium still hasn’t implemented this. It seems to have been neglected since at least 2010, for some reason.
I guess desktop-mobile sync ought to remain the first bookmarks related priority.
Personally, though, I would not consider switching to Brave if my only option were to use chromium’s bookmark manager.
Maybe some third-party service will do the trick. Still, I would be very pleased if such a feature were to be implemented. Doesn’t strike me as too difficult, either (not technically savvy, so nvm if I’m wrong).

Also, this is probably my first post here. Got to say, I wish Brave succeeds. Thank you for this exciting project.


Thanks for the feedback @thcloak!

There’s a request logged for this. I added your +1 and you can follow the progress here