Bookmarks Still not working


With the last few updates Brave bookmarks do not work. It will not save bookmarks. Shouldn’t this be an easy fix?

I haven’t had bookmarks for a couple months. Keep hoping a new update will solve this problem.

Using Mac IOS


I’m having somewhat similar issues:
–I’ve attempted to sync them between my desktop and laptop (which failed.) I just simply re-imported my Chrome bookmarks onto my laptop…
–I’ve attempted to rename and reorganize some of my bookmarks, this is NOT AT ALL user friendly. Many of my bookmarks have bugged in that they have either duplicated themselves in wrong locations or removed themselves entirely. I have one "ghost"mark right smack in the middle of my toolbar that has no name nor a target location, I can’t rename it, I can’t edit it, or remove it. VERY ANNOYING.
–Similar to the second point, my bookmarks manager page actually shows me ZERO of my folders lol. All I can see are the few pages on my bar, but not ANY of the many folders, or their subsequent pages…

In short, Brave is AMAZING and I LOVE it :slight_smile:
but the bookmarks are broken af lol. Please fix this asap.

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