Bookmarks sidebar does nothing

Don’t understand the “Reading List/Bookmarks” right hand side panel on Nightly release.

Reading list works well: just add articles.

But Bookmarks sidebar shows nothing nor can I add anything to it…



@SantiM It’s been like this for some time and no improvements. Useless as is. And they keep adding useless new feature bloat. :roll_eyes:

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I would like to use this browser but like others , I do need a sidebar for all of my bookmarks. One that is able to stay open. Until then best of luck.

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We’re still waiting for a useable sidebar. Are you Brave developers listening?




  1. load brave://flags
  2. set Enable Sidebar to Enabled
  3. click RELAUNCH


Actually, there are now 3 flags: Side Panel, Side panel drag & drop and Unified side panel.

I’ve added #1 & 2 which works with saved pages but not with bookmarks.

See also this long-standing feature request:

Unified side panel is worthless. Don waste time enabling it.

@SantiM @TBar @VAPG1974 Brave finally fixed or finished the sidebar bookmarks feature as bookmarks now display with above two flags enabled. Congrats to developers. :+1: :+1:


but still it’s not a overlay panel like you have in vivaldi so i can’t use it personnally…
I use to have Discord as i side bar to get ride of the windows app that is awfull so having it like a floating panel is a feature that i want with a panel like this…