Bookmarks 'search' is not working in Dev

Bookmarks Manager page appears to have been updated, but there is no search field to enter a search spec.

The new red/purple strip along the top has options for Settings Brave Rewards History Bookmarks Downloads.

And at the far right the magnifying glass icon is still there, but to the left of it there is no search field. Clicking anywhere to the right of ‘Downloads’ has no effect.

(Mac OS Mojave)

@mk7z Thanks for reaching out! I just tried to reproduce the issue on windows 10 with brave Dev version 0.67.79. It’s working as expected. In bookmarks manger you can search required bookmark folder using Search option.
Can you please try again on MacOS and revert back if you did not find the search option.

Hope this will help you to find the required bookmark in Bookmark manager page.


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Thanks. Here is the right side of the screen.

The area between “Downloads” and the magnifier icon, where the search terms would normally be entered, is not clickable.


cc: @LaurenWags @kamil for better assistance on macOS

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@mk7z - did you click on the magnifying glass itself or are you just clicking between ‘Downloads’ and the magnifying glass?

Clicking on the magnifying glass itself makes the entire top bar (where History, Downloads, etc are) a text field to enter your search terms. This is now it looks after clicking on magnifying glass for me on High Sierra:

Verified the above with the following version:

Brave 0.67.79 Chromium: 75.0.3770.80 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)
Revision 9a9aa15057b6b2cc0909bdcf638c0b65ecd516f2-refs/branch-heads/3770@{#948}

Hi Lauren, I’m sure (let’s say pretty sure) I clicked the magnifying glass (as well as everywhere in between it and ‘Downloads’) with no response.

However, it seems to be working now.



Hi @mk7z

I don’t doubt you - it’s entirely possible it was broken at one point :slight_smile:

Anyhow, going to close this thread for now, but please do reach back out if you see issues again and we can work through them.

Thanks for reporting!