Bookmarks problem

I am a mozilla user and the way bookmarks work is great…
I would like to switch to brave, but the way bookmarks are handled in brave seems very complicated.
a) in mozilla I just move the tabs into bookmarks and place it where I want
b) in mozilla I can just make a right click and say, “ad to bookmark”, it gets added at the top of the list
b) If I import bookmarks from mozilla I loose my custom order.

any ideas on that? this would improove the usuability

I don’t use Firefox much, but in Brave, you can add a bookmark with a click on the bookmark symbol left of the URL bar, which adds it to your list. You can also customize their order.
Then there is another feature, Reading List, which adds the current site to the top of this list.
You can use bookmarks for permanent links and the reading list for temporary links, since you can mark them as read when you won’t need it again.

Did you import the bookmarks via the brave importer, or did you export the bookmarks as HTML & then import them in brave manually?

Yes, I know how to add bookmarks, but it is complicated compared to mozilla.
it would be perfect if I just can move the tab to the bookmarkfolder and drop it there where I want to. Or the right mouse button, add to bookmark, added at the top.

Permament links, yes, but why so complicated, it just take to much time.

I imported maually an exported html file

I’m not sure how you add bookmarks that you think it’s complicated. The simplest way is to click on the bookmark icon left of the URL bar and your bookmark is added. Optionally, you can specify the folder where you want to save it to.
Also, you can press CTRL + D on your keyboard to save it.

Hmm that’s odd since with the HTML file, you have a fixed list, in what order the bookmarks are saved. Could you open the HTML file in a browser & check if it has the right order there?

I believe what you mean is the bookmark bar underneath the URL bar. You can activate it with ctrl + shift + b. It stays activated once you pressed the shortcut, so you don’t need to press it every time.

After that, you can drag n' drop the URL of your websites, likely before. You can also right-click on the bookmark bar to create a new folder in it.

You need to start from small settings menu in the far left of the URL bar to drag n' drop the website respectively the URL into the bookmark bar.

I hope this helps you, else don’t hesitate to ask further.

Greets LxWulf :v:

thanks for all your help :wink:

@ chraebsli
you are right, it is not really complicated, but in my workflow just one step to much.
I only find the order, newest, oldest etc, but I cant find “custom oder”

@ LxWulf
what I would love to see…and that would solve all my “small” problems with the bookmarks,
if I could select the tab in the browser with the website and just move the tab into the bookmark list and put it where I want, ströight away. All in one step…done.
If I do it right now, I just move the tab. :wink:

Yes I see, but you are a little nit-picking I think, because there is not a big difference if you now drag n’ drop the tab or the URL not true?…

I do understand, though, that sometimes the details is what makes the difference. :man_shrugging:


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