Bookmarks out of screen still



See old thread:

Brave: 0.19.48
rev: de939f6dcd1647f43de544b22dfdd103585b4ec2
Muon: 4.4.28
libchromiumcontent: 61.0.3163.100
V8: 6.1.534.41
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: Release
OS Platform: macOS
OS Release: 16.7.0
OS Architecture: x64

Bookmarks go out of screen since the last update, instead of giving a drop-down menu for the ones that don;t fit in the screen. Can’t find how to solve it in the settings anywhere.

Thanks in advance.

Solved by suguru in post #6
The issue seems to have been fixed for 0.20. Would you please wait until 0.20 will be released and confirm that the issue was fixed? Thanks!

Seems, it’s still not fixed with the latest update…



Because the latest is an update for 0.19.

closed #3