Bookmarks not syncing in order & crashes on moving tabs



I realised that when I check my other Brave browsers e.g. on my Windows VM and I have setup bookmark sync - the bookmarks do sync but not in the same order as the host or vice versa.

I am on MAC OSX High Sierra 10.13.1.

  1. Imported bookmarks from chrome
  2. Synced using passphrase on my WindowsVM
  3. When I add or remove bookmarks on either machine (MAC or Windows) firstly there is a huge lag in Sync before it updates on one or the other anywhere between 15-90 seconds
  4. Once updated, the machine that added the bookmark and was reordered did not sync the ordering on the alternate browser. So if I sort my bookmarks as ADBC on MAC - they are ordered as ABCD on PC which doesn’t really commit to the whole point of “syncing browsers”

Secondly, I realised a wierd behaviour when I sometimes drag tabs of audio/video (e.g. YouTube) from 1 browser window into a seperate one or into another browser window the tab just becomes unclickable in the new browser - so I cannot see it but the audio keeps playing in the background. It only stops when I completely close the browser and relaunch it. This happens occasionally but thought it’s worth mentioning nonetheless

Thanks for any support in advance!

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I’m running into the bookmark ordering problem, but just between two MacBook Pros running macOS (I see this particular issue posted and closed elsewhere, happy to start a new issue if useful).


Problem still there, do you have a link to the other thread?

Possible to get an acknowledgment so we know there might be a fix in some upcoming updates?


I’m having similar issues to the OP when following steps 1-4 though I’m not using a VM. I also have an issue when I moved bookmarks from the bookmarks bar into a folder on the bookmarks bar and when it syncs to an alternative PC the bookmarks existed in both the folder and on the bookmarks bar. A third issue I’m having with the bookmarks is that they don’t consistently get the fav icon. Gmail is a good example, the tab will download it but the bookmark never gets an icon.

Thanks in advance for any support.


i would like the bookmarks to mimic chrome look and feel. in Chrome there are little previews thumbnails, over all look is nicer.

THIS WOULD BE AWESOME IF IT TOOK , BRAVE, CHROME, FIREFOX and pulled the best out of them all and made one super brave browser which pays you for watching adds


Does anyone know when the Sync feature will be finished and be available for desktop and mobile devices? I am very anxious for this feature and its whats been keeping me from switching to Brave. I don’t want to use Sync in beta in case it messes up my bookmarks.

If anyone knows a rough release date or even how far the Sync feature is done I would appreciate any feedback.

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