Bookmarks Interface is Awful


I really want to switch over to Brave, but I have several thousand bookmarks, and I need an easy way to organize them as I have in Safari or Chrome. Your interface for bookmarks was simply awful for organizing anything. Can this be fixed at all?


I agree. Very difficult if not impossible to organize bookmarks.


Holy cow I spent minutes trying so adjust a bookmark above or below one level in the list.

An option to sort a folder or sub-folder alphabetically would be appreciated, even better would be a “crosshair” that shows where you will be dropping a bookmark.


I agree with this statement. If there was a way to expand and collapse all the folder structures on the left navigation, I feel it will be much easier to see whats located within each folder and sub-folder by expanding them individually. As well when dragging and dropping them, the location in which they are going to land in should highlight to make us aware of where it actually is going.

As well as having the option to right click on a specific favorite and have a “Send To” option for easier transferring into other folders. I feel this would be very helpful and can prevent everyone from the (I hope it goes into the right location) drop.


I’m sensitive that Brave continues to be actively in development. I agree: the current bookmarks interface requires attention.

Missing (amongst other features) in Brave’s current bookmarks: a “comments” field.

I’ve found: with persistence, it’s possible to work within Brave’s bookmarks interface. This includes manually organizing and sorting bookmarks. The burden is largely on the user. My impression: I’d call it “user-hostile”.

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