Bookmarks indicator is gone


Help me ! I just updated today, it make my bookmarks and extended bookmarks are totally messing up my book marks are not organizing at all that I was setting up.

What’s going on nowadays you guys messing up every single time updated. I just don’t want to update anymore !
I am so afraid someday, everything is gone !!


Having the same problem. The bookmarks bar below the URL is still there, but the bookmarks sidebar I used to be able to open to see the rest of my bookmarks is gone. Or at least I can no longer get to the UI that I used to click on to open it.


The bookmark bar’s double arrow (to see the rest of the bookmarks) is missing


you can make the bookmark sidebar reappear if you minimize the window


the URL bar is kinda flaky too in the new brave version if you hover your cursor over it.

UPDATE: oops not cursor, but mouse pointer over URL bar.


Thank you for your easy to see and show your video. Mine one is still show double allow, but when I’m clicking on that slower than used open and not organizing that my setting up my favorite site at all.
And also when I’d like to adding some site bookmaking, it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay slow to open and took for 10 sec or more after that,finally let it bookmarking.
I’ve seen and read reply to this problem by Brave team, they said " sometime has a lot of bookmarking make it slower". But, mine one is not a lot !! Gee…


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ii. I created a bookmark and clicked the ‘Done’ button three times.
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that information has been provided on Bookmarks out of screen so you don’t have to submit that.


thanks for the info. that is the information which is actually helpful.

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when is .20 coming out? the latest release today is 0.19.70 i believe


It is not decided yet.


i hope you guys fixed this too in the latest version


Mine ,too !! I don’t see any pull down menu !


Mine one is 0.19.70 . Then what should I do ?!


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