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Hello all. I downloaded the Brave browser recently and quite like it, but for the fact that it won’t sync my favourites/bookmarks across my Apple devices. Loading them from Safari on my laptop was fine, but not my IOS devices.

It looks like many others have requested this and those requests have been viewed many, many times but the threads seem to finish mid-last year with no resolution.

Have I missed something or is this massive and obvious omission still outstanding? In which case, is it going to be fixed ands when or shall I just cut my losses and revert to Safari?



Hi @bobwootton,

Mobile Sync (iOS, Android) is being worked on and will be available in the future. Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:


Thanks for replying, but I would feel better if there was a timeframe. It looks like it’s been jam tomorrow for months if not years and this is a very serious missing. Nor is “In the future” a recongisable kpi.

A browser where you have to reimport all your favourites manually is like a teapot with no handle. It may make great tea (ie be a swift adblocking browser) but if it doesn’t pour, but nobody is going use it for long.


You can track the progress here

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