Bookmarks Idiosyncrasies


I’ve gotten so I dread editing or changing any of my bookmarks. Today I had a bookmark that wasn’t working properly anymore, so when I found the newer link that worked I copied it so I could replace the old one in the bookmark that no longer worked. This particular bookmark “was” located in my bookmarks toolbar. I right clicked it, went to edit, deleted the old link and pasted the new one in and saved it. It disappeared from my toolbar. I managed to find it at the bottom of my list of bookmarks and tried to drag and drop it back into the toolbar, but no luck. I did manage however to make it disappear entirely. I can do a search of bookmarks and find it, but I can see no indication of where it is actually located, and I can’t move it. If there’s one area of this browser that needs some extra work, this is it! Out of all the browsers that I have used over the years, none of them have been such a pain in the posterior when it comes to bookmarks, whereas this one has all kinds of little traps and gotchas every time you move, rename, or edit one. FIX IT!! :wink::weary:


The good news is that there will be a complete revamp of the bookmarks coming with Brave v1.0 (the rewrite of the browser coming later this year), as it will be inheriting the bookmarks manager from Chromium!


Hallelujah!! Looking forward to it! I’ll try to leave everything as it is until then.


That’s good to hear about the bookmarks,.

I just had one question which I could not find the answer to online.
What version are we in now? Wikipedia says 0.21.18 as of February, but Github says 5 from a couple of weeks ago.


Github releases
Brave wikipedia page


We’re currently at 0.22.727 :slight_smile:


Wikipedia article need to be updated manually by it’s contributors. And also you pointed to the wrong GitHub repositories. Brave Desktop is on :slight_smile:


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