Bookmarks have disappeared

All of my bookmarks are gone except the bookmarks bar. This included my bookmarks imported from Chrome. Not sure how it happened, the only activity Ive done is to add a bookmark to my bookmarks bar a few days ago.

I run Brave V1.25.68

I tried doing a search that says my bookmarks should be in /Brave-Browser/ but there is nothing there.

Is there any chance I can recover them?

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Same question here. Thanks for any help!

Anyone? Appreciate your help.


Unfortunately, unless you had a backup for these bookmarks, there is no way for us to recover them for you.

However, I am curious to know how this happened as well. Did you perhaps have any extensions active while moving your bookmarks?

I did not move my bookmarks. They were collected and accumulated as I used Brave.

What other information may help you?

Thank you.

For you in particular, do you/did you have any extensions installed and active when you lost them?

Keepa is the only extension I have installed. I don’t know if it was installed when I lost my bookmarks.

Keepa being this, correct?

With how uncommon this issue is, all I can do is speculate on what it could be, so thank you for providing some information. Hopefully the OP can also provide anything for us to go on.

Yes, that is the Keepa extension.

For now, I’m going to leave it installed on Brave to see if I might also run into this issue at some point. Since I’m still not sure what else might’ve caused this issue, do feel free to tell me about anything else that could give me insight, even if you don’t think it’s directly related.

Thanks. I’m still curious if anyone at Brave has a solution.

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